Here you get a short Proträit Company KSM-Kronenberg GmbH



Founded: in 1978 for continuing the family business in the fourth generation in the factory premises first leased from /by* the Kronenberg's Stockfabrik owner Rolf Schmachtenberg e.K. (property-holding company).
Specialised in: non-cutting shaping of tubes, shaped material and rods according to customer's request / drawing. We construct tools and samples and develop new products according to customer's specification.
Capital: 50.000,- Euro
Area:                                of about 2,000 square metres including heated facilities and open area
Direct material stock: of about 150,000 metres of tubes, shaped material and bars made of normal or stainless steel, or of aluminium
Import/export: is made from and to European countries as well as overseas upon request
Staff: of currently 15 employees
Annual turnover: of about EUR 2.0 million
Customers: of all kinds of industry, see our reference list